1. afancyartblerg:

    Whooo, finally found a battle sprite style for MoaK that i both like and can get roughs out fairly quickly with~

    Rags is something of a bonus boss, but hey: I needed more than just the player character to use the kid-sized sprite bases (spoilers rags is hella tiny). Um, anyway: I’m considering this a beta sprite, since I just did this as a break from my continued struggles with programming basic shit like menus. It’s not finished (hell, I just did some more minor edits in between typing this up and I have color edits to do), but it’s something I can look to as progress and as a guideline for how the other battle sprites should look. (It’s huge because I’d rather downsize a bit more to fit than have to redo an entire sprite sheet because I made it too small.)

    This is a frame from later in the landing animation; she’s really jumpy when attacking normally and drops down from the top of the screen when entering the battlefield, so I need more landing frames than the general “knocked on face/back” ones.

    And that’s enough procrastination out of me. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH :I

  2. A pitbull in a flower crown? Sure, why not.

    This was inspired by the fact that the desired ear shape for APBT (shown here) is called “rose ears”. I don’t know why, but it did make me want to put a flower crown on my dog. Unfortunately she’d probably eat it so I settled for just drawing one.

  3. A Northern Mockingbird, chosen for the sticker set because I see them all the time around here. They are more vicious than you would think; I’ve seen them attack crows more than once, as well as several fights that looked remarkably like cartoon dustballs.

    Fun fact: northern mockingbirds are capable of recognizing individual humans.

  4. It’s Mei long! I had quite a bit of difficulty finding a clear image of the skeleton while drawing this, so it’s not as accurate as I would like. I’m also not sure if Mei long’s one of the dinosaurs with known plumage coloration, but I didn’t find anything about it while drawing or during writing this so… vOv

    One of the stickers for my eventual kickstarter. 

  5. This is a male T. rex! He is a majestic creature with a fluffy fuzzy head, because feathered dinosaurs are excellent. This will be one of the main set of stickers for the Kickstarter.

  6. The stretch goal for my eventual sticker Kickstarter. This is a potoo staring in a dazed awe at the wonders of the universe.

    Or maybe it’s just staring. Potoos do that. 

    The background is a sparkly rainbow because why not.